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Our Story

CUPRICO is a story about a Label that in just a few months made the exceptional journey from just a hobby to a fairly successful business. It all started with me experimenting with different materials and my innate love for jewelry. My desire to make something beautiful and unique for my mother gave this creative outlet a path to follow which slowly grew over time.

With support from my family and a push from my faculty, the idea of CUPRICO was conceived. And that’s how we are here today. My goal is still to express myself, my individuality and to offer people handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and elegant jewelry pieces, thereby inspiring people to express their individuality. Everyone has their own unique stories to tell and I wish to celebrate them.

Meet the Founder

Divyanshu Dev

I'm currently a student at the National Institute of Design (NID), Assam, specialising in Textile and Apparel Design (B. Des). I am passionate about working with new materials and techniques, having a clear understanding of the textile basics, and meticulously combining it.

I am an ardent supporter of handicrafts and recognize the value it imparts. With my work, I try to provide a fresh perspective on designing accessories and jewelry.

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